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The IMLS programs
A humanitarian school combining community service and academic study
The IMLS (Institut Méditerranéen de Langues et Services) offers programs in Montpellier, a historical city, renowed for its medical faculty, one of the oldest in Europe, its ideal location on the shores of the Mediterranean, close to Provence and Spain and its rich cultural life (internationally recognized music and dance festivals).

The Institut Méditerranéen de Langues & Services (IMLS) aims at combining education and culture. It is the link between universities in France and abroad and offers specific services for students wishing to immerse themselves in the French culture and experience the distinctness of Europe (administrative procedures, registration, academic courses, housing and excursions).

Students maximize their stay by combining theory and practice: academic study at the university, a cultural experience shared with a host family as well as a deep immersion in the community through volunteering activities in hospitals, NGOs and schools, depending on their skills and interests.
Our programs include:
  •     Administrative procedures (registration & visa)
  •     Orientation
  •     City guided tour
  •     Registration
  •     Academic courses
  •     Volunteering
  •     Accomodation (residence hotel or host families)
  •     Excursions
  •     Transcripts
Application form
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Application form
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