IML Association

The IML is a non-profit association, originally founded at the University of Montpellier in 1988.
Since the beginning, it has promoted language and cultural exchanges by offering volunteering missions within the framework of academic programs to participants from various backgrounds.

The IML association received a cooperation agreement from the Montpellier education Authorities (Rectorat) in 2011 which allows students to participate in school activities and is also part of the National Civic Service Program.


The main IML objectives are as follows:
  • Promoting and enlarging French language outreach
  • Developing language study abroad and programs focusing on international exchanges
  • Allowing immersion of international participants in the community through volunteering
  • Identifying volunteer community service institutions
  • Matching volunteer students and community service institutions
  • Assessing volunteers’ commitment and skills achieved in their community service activities with a view to academic validation


The IML has enlarged its activities and created a language training center (Institut Méditerranéen de Langues et Services/IMLS) aimed at all publics.

The IMLS and its partner IML association welcome international students wishing to immerse themselves in French society through volunteer activities.

The IML interfaces the volunteering organizations (schools and colleges, NGOs and other institutions) with the students participating in the IMLS Service-learning programs.
The IML also organizes conversation workshops with native speakers to enhance IMLS language programs.
Conversation workshops
The IMLS offers conversations workshops with internationals students and teachers that will allow you to improve your languages skills.

These workshops will allow you to put into pratice what you will have learned in the academic courses.
It also offers the possibility to meet foreigners and learn and exchange more about culture.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
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