Why Choose IMLS

Why choose the IMLS?

The city of Montpellier
  • The climate: a city “where the sun never sets”
  • An exceptional environment with the Mediterranean nearby, the Pyrenees mountains and the Spanish border to the west, the Camargue and Provence to the east
  • A prestigious medieval university (the oldest medical school in Europe) with a young population (70,000 students , 13% international)
  • A dynamic city renowned for its scientific research and convention centers
  • A world-wide reputation for its music, dance and theater festivals
  • An ideal location  in the historic center with easy access by tram or bus
  • The IMLS deals with visa, university registrations, transfer of credits, homestays, administration procedures etc
  • A variety of programs for students, adults and enterprises in Languages, Culture and Service-Learning
  • A unique combination of theory in the classroom, practice of the language and experience in the community
  • A lifelong experience allowing students to grow linguistically, intellectually and personally
Make a difference
• Expand your horizons by volunteering in the community 
• Participate in projects 
• Acquire new skills
• Master a new language
• Discover a culture
• Share your values 
• Discover yourself 
• Open yourself to a global world
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